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tv   [untitled]    February 21, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PST

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applicants winnie yu and dion jay brookter to continuing the term especially mr. brookter to fulfill a full term and i'm familiar with ms. yu's work in the community. i know we have three seats and four applicants. i at least want to move those two forward and would love to hear from the community members on the third applicant. >>supervisor norman yee: supervisor campos? >>supervisor david campos: thank you mr. chair and supervisor tang. i will support that motion. i think that it's good to have continuity and in the case of mr. brookter, he was just appointed. i think that we need to make sure that he has an opportunity to serve out a full term. i don't know, i think it's a really hard choice because i think that every one of the two remaining applicants is really strong and i was very impressed with
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the presentation. i have to say that it's one of those things whenever you have more applicants than you have vacancies that you ask which ever one doesn't get the appointment today or the recommendation today to please continue to be involved because the thing with these bodies you have a lot of busy people and schedules change and personal circumstances change so vacancies come up. i see it as more of a long term. my hope is that at some point both ms. wong and mr. fountain would be able to serve on this body. that said, based on the presentation today and the experience, i'm inclined to move forward mr. fountain at this point, but again that's not anything against ms. wong because i think she has a great deal of experience and
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a lot of passion and expertise that she brings. >>supervisor norman yee: thank you. i also would support your motion to reappoint mr. book ter and ms. yu. it boils down to two candidates. i have had the opportunity to listen to ms. wong another time when she applied. and i also know of her work on the -- the presentation from both of you was very good. the background was very good. at this point i also received quite a few e-mails to support ms. wong.
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i'm going to and there is no insult to the one i'm not favoring, but i would say i favor ms. wong. >>supervisor katy tang: i would say i have to second supervisor yee's choice here. i think both candidates have a great background that they are presenting to us. for me i like and identify with bringing the immigrant community voice to the table as well as someone who again can help serve as well the monolingual; community. with that, i would move to also support ms. lily wong. >>supervisor norman yee: so the motion is to, let me be specific. the motion would be to nominate lily wong to seat
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one, winnie yu to seat 2, dion jay book ter to seat 4. supervisor campos? >>supervisor david campos: thank you. i don't think you can go wrong with either choice. i would be happy to support ms. wong as well. i want to do it without objection. >>supervisor norman yee: okay. the motion is passed. mr. fountain, please, we mean it, reapply. >> i'm here all the time. don't worry. >>supervisor norman yee: thank you very much. okay, let's move on to item no. 5. the clerk: item 5: agenda[appointments, sro task force]1400255.hearing to consider appointing seven members, terms ending december 31, 2015, to the sro task force. clerk of the boarddvacant seat 1, succeeding charles siron, term expired, must be an sro tenant, for the unexpired portion of a three-year term ending december 31, 2015.vacant seat 2, succeeding suresh patel, term expired, must be a private sro owner/operator, for the unexpired portion of a
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three-year term ending december 31, 2015. vacant seat 4, succeeding seth katzman, resigned, must be a non-profit sro operator/owner, for the unexpired portion of a three-year term ending december 31, 2015. vacant seat 5, succeeding joshua vining, term expired, must be a representative of the mission sro collaborative, for the unexpired portion of a three-year term ending december 31, 2015.vacant seat 7, succeeding angela chu, term expired, must be a representative of the chinatown sro collaborative, for the unexpired portion of a three-year term ending december 31, 2015. vacant seat 8, succeeding joyce lam, resigned, must be a representative of the families sro collaborative, for the unexpired portion of a three-year term ending december 31, 2105.vacant seat 9, succeeding victor nelson, term expired, must be a sro tenant, for the unexpired portion of a three-year term ending december 31, 2015.1/3/14; received and assigned to the rules committee. the clerk: sf 51234 >>supervisor norman yee: okay. now we'll hear from the applicants in the order listed. first person is dan jordan. >> good afternoon supervisors, my name is dan jordan, a resident here in an sro hotel in san francisco and i work as a collaborative as a housing peer counselor. in my position we work with people in these hotels on a daily basis. we help them solve their problems if it means to call in city agencies to do so. like the department of building inspection, department of public health, adult protection services and the likes. sometimes we have to go to their hotels and and try
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to solve the problem there. usually we can get away with writing a letter or making a phone call. sometimes we have to work with these people four or five weeks at a time to get the problem solved. i often go to my supervisors and say this is a situation i have and can you help me come up with a solution. we always try to get the solution. there have been numerous times that i have helped other peer counselors as well to come up with solution to get the problem solved. i think i would be good for this position because i do have experience in working with the sro tennants. also i was on the campaigns for the grab bars to be installed in all the hotels and in the campaign for the
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elderly and disabled people several times. i believe i would be the right person for this position. thank you. >>supervisor norman yee: thank you. any questions? thank you very much. national -- enact next applicant is charles pitts. >> thank you, feel free to ask me any questions. i have been on this for five or six years. for me, my history and goal was to be able to understand policy and procedure and be able to speak out regarding issues of homelessness and that led into sro's. for me i believe i'm connected with
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several people/agencies. i know people in the department of human services and with people with the mental health association and i'm with the homeless board and the committee. i think that's part of a start. i have an understanding of these things. i have attended the sro task force meetings off and on for the past maybe 2-3 years. so, i know them, they know me. i have been very vocal about ideas and philosophy about how we can make sro's better. i do want to show you some of the
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pictures that i took when i was standing with sro's. i feel we have a dire need to be a little bit more aggressive and just having these buildings cleaned, up to code and free of illegal activities. so i just feel like we need to do more. we are moving in that step. the city and county of san francisco hired seven new inspectors and i understand there was a protest on which idea to tend, the elevators. i'm support of elevators in the building and i think we need to understand like what's going to be needed with that. i feel like we are going to
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need specialize inspectors for that. and i have just been in the mix because we've had a problem with bed bugs and they worked on policy and procedure regarding that, senior action network. part of what i wanted to do is start to pull all of these organizations together to interact with each other. i believe now there is a major disconnect between these different agencies and different bodies. i think we need to come together to share information and two, create policy and procedure. part of the sro's mandate is regarding homelessness. i think we need to have the local homeless coordinating board, the monitoring committee and these different organizations to
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help people transition into sro's and transition to a higher in a better life. so we are creating so people don't get stuck in sro's forever. if you want, i can show you, i have about 4-5 images of some of the sro's, one of the sro's that i was in and it was problematic. >>supervisor norman yee: i don't think that's necessary. the point is for you to just let us know about yourself so we can make some decisions. okay. any questions? seeing none, thank you. next applicant is nicollette alexander? >> that's right. thank you.
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i'm interested in the position as an sro tenant representative. i think that my experience recently as a six month intern volunteer as a collaborative gave me a lot of experience and exposure to people from all different sro's in the mission area who i have built relationships with and see pretty much daily on the street and i'm able to of course speak with them as well as the fact that i live in one, privately one 1 on 16th street, maybe in the eye of the storm. near the police station, near 16th and mission where there is so much going on with gentrification and it's given me a lot of exposure to different backgrounds and needs. in my hotel, for example, we have people that are elderly and disabled on fixed incomes and people in transition with their lives and as well as
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people coming back from incarceration and i work with people with all different concerns. i think i have the ability and passion to represent their concerns. >>supervisor norman yee: okay, thank you. any questions? thank you very much. next applicant is thomas picarello. >> good afternoon, supervisors, thomas picarello. there is a threshold issue here before i present myself and that is the clerk's qualifications say you have to be a current sro tenant. i'm a former sro tenant. not a current sro tenant. i'm now in senior housing district 5. i looked at the original legislation creating the sro
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task force and the amendments there too, the bylaws of the task force and i didn't see a requirement that one has to be a current sro tenant. i deferred to the city attorneys whether or not i'm qualified. if you have to be a current sro tenant, i don't qualify for the seat nor do i want to pursue it. >>supervisor norman yee: thank you for pointing that out. city attorney? >> deputy city attorney john gibner. the task force was created by a series of resolutions which provide these seats 1-9 must be held by an sro tenant. typically when a seat has to be held by a current or former tenant, meets some qualification, the
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authorizing legislation specifies current or former. so our interpretation of the resolution here is that the people holding these seats must be current tennants. >>supervisor norman yee: okay. according to his interpretation you don't qualify. >> okay. in that case i withdraw my politics and recommend charles pitts. >>supervisor norman yee: the next person on the agenda is ben shaeder. he has withdrawn his politics. let's move to sam pattel. is sam here? not here. next person is amelia
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rud bergberg. >> good afternoon, my name is amelia rudberg and manager at the hotel, a non-profit sro and along with the property management team there in the operation of sro including collection and eviction protection, addressing tennants concerns and mediating tennants disputes and assisting tennants in move in and move out procedures. i speak as a tenant advocate as well as someone of understanding as a reality of non-profit operations. i would love the opportunity to work to improve sro's and the quality of life of buildings in san francisco. >>supervisor norman yee: okay. any questions? thank you
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very much. next applicant is joshua vining. >> i have a letter. >>supervisor norman yee: yes, there were statements. we'll take that into consideration. next applicant is angela chu. >> good afternoon supervisors, i'm angela chu from the development center. i'm applying for the seat of the chinatown collaborative. currently i'm the committee organizer. i have been serving on the task force up for the appointment for twice already. so, on my task force role, i have been working with the
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task force members on several issues affecting sro tennants. in my work, i have daily contact with sro tennants and my co-workers are also working on tenant issues doing safety and support for sro families and members as well. we have a daily contact with the tennants as well as owners of sro buildings trying to -- the goal is to bring to safety standards in the sro
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buildings. we do workshops through the fire department and fire prevention and the assistive preparedness as well as doing community workshops and activities on sro safety and conditions. so far we work closely with the dph and working on code enforcement of these buildings. i'm glad to be part of this task force to continue to improve the conditions in sro's as well as seeking opportunities for tennants for better housing. so thank you for your consideration. >>supervisor norman yee: thank you, angela. nice to see you again. i'm glad that you are reapplying because your advocacy for sro tennants is
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well established. any questions? thank you. the next applicant is lisa gasca. she is no longer -- are you here? she's no longer eligible. okay. are there any public comments on this item. please come up. you have 2 minutes. >> hello, my name is kendra frost with the mission collaborative. i'm speaking in support of nikki alexander for the tenant seat. i have been working with nikki for over a year. she's a consistent advocate for sro tennants. i have worked on issues with her including bed bugs, issues of the 16th street bart plaza. i have seen her work tirelessly both to keep tennants in
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their homes and she understand the big picture especially the mission where we have a rapidly changing neighborhood and making sure some of the benefits of that change impacts low income communities. i know we have a bunch of strong applicants. i have worked closely with nikki and i would recommend her for the position and she does live in a private sro and there is experience on the committee and if you have questions regarding josh's application, i'm happy to answer those as well. >>supervisor norman yee: thank you. anybody else? c'mon up. just lineup so we can move this along quicker. >> hello, my name is
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demetrius spearman. i'm here to back dan jordan. i have worked with him and i know he's always hands-on to correct issues we have in the hotel. i have worked with him also with the city sro's collaborative and watched him work tirelessly to accomplish the goals that we set. i would greatly recommend that you pick him. >>supervisor norman yee: thank you. >> hello, my name is gail sea grave. i'm here to support dan jordan. i have worked on numerous campaigns with dan and he's great. he's agoed with people. they feel comfortable with him. he cares about people. i just think he would be really good for this appointment. so i'm recommended him.
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>>supervisor norman yee: thank you. >> hello, my name is rosa maria. i also want to speak in support of dan jordan. myself i work as a community organizer with the code enforcement outreach program with the department of building inspection. what we do is we educate and inform tennants and owners of their obligation with the new tenderloin. my staff who wrote a statement of support for dan jordan couldn't be here and wanted know read his support. "good afternoon supervisors. i work with the outreach program fubded by the department of building inspection. i would like to speak on behalf of dan jordan who is one of our amazing housing peer
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counselors with our housing counseling program in our office. he's applied to have a seat with the sro task force. as he as a soma resident living at the hotel, dan has worked with our office to improve habit ability issues in the hotel. because of the betterment of his hotel and the community he serves, dan has demonstrated major leadership skills and social justice. dan has closely worked with our office for renters rights and is a peer counselor and he can work with tennants around the tenderloin in his hotel. he has a deep understanding of tennants in sro hotels and what kind of issues the sro population faces which is crucial in advocating and voicing the needs of the community. dan is a real deal with the heart of
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gold. i favor his application without reservation. thank you. >>supervisor norman yee: thank you very much. >> good afternoon, supervisors, my name is -- i'm an organizing coordinator with the sro collaborative and part of the housing clinic. i here to speak on behalf of dan jordan. i met him and worked with dan 3 years ago when he had issues in his hotel where he lived. dan actually after meeting with me the first time, he without us prompting him he organized a tenant meeting so we can talk to the rest of the tennants in the building about habit ability and safety issues there and we worked with him and his tennants in the building and management issues. i think dan is a passionate person who understands the sro tennants
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in tenderloin and south of market. i think sro task force will greatly benefit from having him. i highly recommend him for the position. >>supervisor norman yee: thank you. >> hello supervisors, my name is russel slay ton. i have had several opportunities to work with dan on a one on one individual basis working with tennants with real issues such a bed bugs, vermins and unable to pay rent. we have been trained and equipped with the knowledge and the ability to help people and refer this em to the proper agencies like rav co-and dbi. we've been to some of those workshops and we know a lot. we have been educated. i live also in sro
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hotel. i just wanted to tell you that dan jordan has been like a breath of fresh air when he came into collaborative. he's full of ideas and he's gotten down to the basics of people's rights of peace, quiet anden enjoyment of their unit. i would really like to let you guys know that working with him has been great and i would really recommend him for this task force. thank you for your time supervisors. >> thank you, very much. hold on. is this a question for him? >> no. >> okay. thank you. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> supervisors, comments? supervisor campos? >>supervisor david campos: thank you, mr. chair. anytime you have more applicants than you have seats, it's always
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hard to choose. i do want to thank everyone for their interest and each one of you had something to offer and the fact that people are willing to serve is really appreciated. let me share my thoughts and see where others are. with respect to seat one which has to be held by someone who is a resident of a sro. i certainly was very impressed with the presentation and support for dan jordan. and mr. jordan, you are very popular. i'm glad that i don't have to run against you because you have a lot of fans out there. but i think the fact that your fellow residents are coming to speak on your behalf as a testament to you and i think it would make you extremely effective. with respect to seat 2, i'm not sure why the applicant is not here, sam pattel. i'm not sure if it
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would be appropriate for us to move forward or not. that's an open question. with respect to seat 4, i was definitely very impressed with amelia rudberg and i think she has the qualifications to do a good job. with respect to seat 5, joshua vining sent us a letter that he could not be here for special reasons. i'm familiar with his work and those who know him know hao he's a tremendous advocate and i would like to make sure he's appointed. seat 7, angela chu. i think it's a no brainer. we need to make sure she
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continues to serve. for seat 8, i guess we don't have an applicant right now. so we are going to have to continue it. for seat 9, again i think we have great applicants, but for me what's compelling about seat 9 is that i do think that it's important to have a perspective of someone who is living in a private sro and somebody living in a neighborhood which i happen to represent 16th and mission that has a number of challenges. i think the fact that ms. frost man spoke about the application of ms. alexander, speaks very highly of the kind of member that she would be. so that would be my suggestion. >>supervisor norman yee: okay. supervisor tang? >>supervisor katy tang: i'm glad that we are in


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